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Luqman, His Son, and The True Parent
Friday Khutbahs (Sermons) · 11. August 2023
We are quickly approaching the end of August. For many families, it is a time of considerable promise, excitement, trepidation, nervousness, and anticipation. The summer is wrapping up, and many families find their children returning to college. Other families are facing the more burdensome and transformative occasion of their children leaving to go to college for the first time. In both cases, it is a critical time in which the child stands at the doorsteps of adulthood, with all its promises...
"How Do Our Youth Make Sense of This World"
Friday Khutbahs (Sermons) · 28. January 2022
We all know these truths that are undeniable and in our lives. We are all aware of the fragility of life, it demonstrates its fragility constantly. The extent to which human beings are surrounded by certain realities is remarkable. The reality of death and regeneration occurs every second in our lives, millions or billions of times, but we are oblivious. We all know that we could not exist if millions upon millions of cells in our body did not die and regenerate. Without that process, nothing...

Circles of Learning (Halaqas) · 14. December 2019
In the introduction to the halaqa completing the Quranic commentary (tafsir) on Surah 91, Al Shams (The Sun), Director Grace Song commemorates the two-year anniversary of the launch of The Usuli Institute by highlighting the development, dreams and achievements of the Institute's first two years. She continues her discussion from the previous halaqa intro on the state of Muslims' offerings to attract and engage Muslim youth about the faith. In response, she introduces a new Usuli offering...
Circles of Learning (Halaqas) · 09. November 2019
Part 1: In the introduction to the halaqa to conclude Surah 92 Al Layl (The Night) and begin Surah 91 Al Shams (The Sun), Director Grace Song reacts to a recent Facebook post about the state of communicating with Muslim teens, and shared some personal stories, insights and ideas about how she approached parenthood and the challenge of teaching her kids to love God, Islam and being Muslim.

Friday Khutbahs (Sermons) · 10. May 2019
Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl discusses the true meaning of kufr (an act of ingratitude) and what it means when we do not believe or act as if we are an extension of divinity. He explains why kufr is not just about atheism or violating laws, but about what happens when things like prayer and fasting do not increase one's faith or awareness of the umbilical relationship between a human being and his or her Creator. He elaborates on how Islam is being emptied of substance and how this is causing a...

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