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On the American Islamophobia Industry and UAE’s new ‘Islam’

Muslims v. Supreme Court and Colonizing the Muslim Mind - UAE Version

What is Your Contribution to The Muslim Consciousness? 

The ‘Angry’ Muslim Intellectual & Commercializing Muslim Murder

Trafficking 'Halal' Organs and Other Symbolic Signs of Our State

On Climate Catastrophe, Facebook's Secret Blacklist and the "Love Jihad"

What Happens When Artificial Intelligence (AI) Turns Islamophobic?

What Occupies Your Heart? And More On Wolves in Shaykh's Clothing

The Unspoken Truth (Haqq) About Sexual Abuse and the Rights of Victims

Hypocrisy, Schizophrenia and the Value of Muslim Life

The Other Afghan Women and the American Liberation of the Taliban

"Who Is More Deserving of Safety?"

How Islam Is Supposed to Take People From Darkness to Light

Afghanistan, Self-determination and the Heartbreak of Hajj

The Wisdom of Illness and the State of Muslim Instagram 

The Meaning of Hajj and the Uyghur Holocaust

The Butterfly Effect: Choosing the Divine or the Demonic 

The Cost of Speaking Truth and True Feminists

The Tyranny of the Nervous System & The Muslim Betrayal of Uyghur Muslims 

The Quranic Impulse and The Fallacy of Political Islam

Who Invents Our Pharaohs

Why Jerusalem Matters

Speaking the Unspoken Truth About Israel and Palestine 

Noor Cultural Center Hosts the Eid Khutbah by Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl

Habermas and the Immorality of Muslims

The Last 10 Days of Ramadan and Bearing Witness for Shaytan

Are Muslims a Countermeasure to Racism or Part of the Problem?

Where Will You Be Next Ramadan? And the Pain of Racism

Pathologies of A Defeated People and Aiding Muslim Prisoners

The Journey to God and Empowering Women

On Nawal al Saadawi, Alhurra Channel and the Limits of Free Thinking

Surah Al-Najm and the Idols Within

The Unshackling of Human Beings

What Does Your Iman Amount To?

Mystifications of Power & The Eradication of the Prophet's Sunnah

The Legacy of Monotheism and the Seat of Power

The Prophet's Du'a and An Usuli Cult?

The Paradigm Shift That is the Quran

What Does Islam Offer? On Taking God Seriously

Transporting The Library

Truth and Justice, and Hope at Christmas

The Niche for Divine Light

A Profound Question From His Younger Son

What SubhanAllah Really Means and Which Muslims Orgs to Boycott

'Allahu Akbar,' "Political Islam" and the Radical Liberation of Faith

On the Representation and Perception of Muslims

Godliness, Democracy and The Post Colonial Muslim Super Ego

A Great Prophet and the Racism of France

The Prophet's Pulpit and French Islamophobia

On Preserving Women and Female Reciters of the Quran

The Prophet's Hadith on the Intellect

Death by Doctrine of the 'Legitimacy of the Usurpers'

On Critical Race Studies and What is Point of Religion?

The New Islam of Absolute Silence

On Democracy, Voting and Defending Dictators

All Lives v. Black Lives and the Sin of Holy Rhetoric

When Truth, Principle and Ethics are Trumped by Politics

The State of Jerusalem and the Test of Wealth

The Shame of the 'Commission on Unalienable Rights Report'

On Eid Al Adha and the Prophet's Last Will and Testament

How Are These Things Connected? Mecca and The Plight of the Uyghurs

The Entire Philosophy of Existence in a Paragraph

The Story of Prophet Yunus and Why Despair is Not an Option

Who is the Better Muslim and What Would God Think?

Our Character is Built on Our Stories

The Islam of Dignity: Are You on the Right Side of History?

The Prophet's First Khutbah and the Cornerstone of Faith

Why All Evil is Interconnected and Why Muslims Should Protest

Jahiliyya and the Murder of George Floyd

The Bismillah Covenant

Narratives of Finding Dignity and Justice with God

What is Your Muslim Spirit? Why Islam was given to the Arabs

Bilal, The Prophet, and Casting Ourselves Unto Ruin

The Power of Ramadan: Fasting, Guidance and The Criterion

When Mecca is Empty, What Remains?

Addressing the Generational Divide Among Younger and Older Muslims (Note Accompanying Addendum)

To God We Belong and To God We Return

More on Virtual Khutbahs and the Personal Nature of a Pandemic

Perhaps You Will Turn To God: On the Coronavirus and God's Love

Trials of a Prophet Loved and The Mirror of the Coronavirus

What Do You Hear When the World Goes Silent?

When the World Goes Silent: Reflecting on Loss

The Theology of Despotism and Reflecting on the Coronavirus

The Higher Aspirations of Justice

Humility, Certitude and "The Deal of the Century"

Reason and Revelation: On Becoming a Moral Human Being

True Monotheism and Returning the Gaze Part II

Resisting the Colonizing of Muslim Minds and Salat al Istisqa'

Tawheed and Trinity: Why Is Monotheism So Hard?"

The Symbolic Caliphate

Liberation from Mythology and the Power of A White Jesus

Returning the Gaze: A Walk Through the Bible

On Knowing the Strength of Your Inner Light

Your Existence is No Coincidence

What God Expects from Us

Parables of Light and Darkness

Cleansing Oneself of the Companionship of Satan

On Asserting the Truth of Al-Haqq

On Internalizing Ayat al Kursi

On Injustice and Muslims Defending the Muslim Ban

On the Definition of a Scholar

On Failing the Inheritance of the Prophets

More Lethal than Islamophobes- the Modern Day Murji'ah

On Reviving the Ideas of the Trash Bin of History

On Asking God for Light Upon Light

On Slavery and a Moral Reading of the Quran

From Bearing Witness to Becoming the Opiate of the Masses

On Fitna, Ethics, and the Modern Day "Marketplace"

On Hajj and the Selling of the Soul of Islam

How to Live the Philosophy of Islam

On Reading and Testing the State of Your Faith

On Muslim Pharoahs, Terrorists and Recognizing the Straight Path

On the Price of Silence, Nicki Minaj, and the US Human Rights Commission

On Logic, Justice, and Obeying Unjust Rulers

On Witnessing, and Closing the ICSC Chapter

On Being Banned: Shaming or Schooling the ICSC?

On Rupert Murdoch, Power and Resisting the Party of the Devil

On Eid, Sudan, and What to Do When the Muslim Body Ails

Which Islam? Dignity or Death?

On Divinity, Justice, and Muslims Murdering Muslims

School of Fasting for the Divine

Why Our Youth Leave Islam; When Moses Will Not Confront the Phoroah

The Dalil (Evidence) of Love

The Prophet's Prayer of Love

The Power of Love

On Love and a Loving God in Islam

On the Truth of Jumu'a, Orphans and Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem

On the Accountability of Privilege

American Muslims - Moral Pilots or Moral Failures?

Islamophobia, Racism, and the New Zealand Massacre

The New Crusades

On Evaluating Moral Character, Trusting Intuition, and Cleaning your Vessel

Recolonization, Racism and the Role of Reason

Thinking Islam Anew Away from the Lands of Despotism and Hypocrisy

The Cycle of Life and Honoring Guido Santi

The Lifeline of Prayer, Perseverance and Patience

Usuli Institute First Virtual Khutbah with Khaled Abou El Fadl

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