The quran Project - pilot episodes

We present six examples of a ground-breaking original methodology for accessing the unique meaning of each Quranic chapter. We seek to access and advance the unique message each of the 114 chapters of the Quran. What excited the early Muslims to build an entire civilization that would inspire humanity for centuries to come? Help us complete this project to find out.

"Pilot Episode" - Surah 57 Al Hadid (iron), 27 june 2020

Part 1: Introduction and Tafsir. Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl introduces a new approach to understanding the Quran, chapter by chapter, the fruit of a lifelong engagement with the holy text of Islam. In this pilot halaqa, he explains how his journey with the Quran developed and evolved over the years and the questions that he engaged from the time of his youth. He presents the methodology he developed and demonstrates it in delving into the meaning of one sample chapter - Surah 57: Al Hadid (Iron).

Second New Quran Halaqa - Surah 57 Al Hadid (Concluding) and Surah 45 al Jathiya, 4 july 2020

In Part 1 of the second New Quran Halaqa, Dr. Abou El Fadl gives last details of Chapter 57: Surah Al Hadid (Iron) in a continuation of the previous "Pilot Halaqa" from 27 June 2020. In Part 2, he presents his same new Quran methodology as demonstrated in the previous halaqa to understanding another chapter of the Quran, Chapter 45: Surah al Jathiya (Kneeling). Part 3 is Q&A. 

Third New Quran Halaqa - Surah 55 Al Rahman, 18 july 2020

Part 1: Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl shares the ground-breaking results of his lifelong engagement with the Quran in this new tafsir halaqa. He shares his personal journey in discovering the meaning of Surah al Rahman, Chapter 55 of the Quran. This is the third example of the application of Dr. Abou El Fadl's original methodology. Part 2 is Q&A. 

Fourth New Quran Halaqa - Surah 32 Al Sajdah, 1 August 2020

Part 1: Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl presents the fourth in a new series on mining the deeper meanings of the chapters of the Quran based on his lifelong engagement, dhikr, prayers and supplications for illumination. In this halaqa, he discusses Surah 32: Al Sajdah. In the introduction, Executive Director Grace Song shares some updates and stories. Before the tafsir begins, Dr. Abou El Fadl discusses the central importance of a relationship with the Quran to understanding the message of the Quran, without which a relationship with God becomes merely wishful thinking. He discusses the topics of what defines consciousness, the role of free will, and shares his engagement with another chapter, Surah Maryam, which he had considered for this halaqa. He discusses why he chose not to cover Surah Maryam, and the significance of the layers of meaning in Surah Maryam. In Part 2, he begins the tafsir of Surah Al Sajdah. Part 3 is Q&A.

Fifth New Quran Halaqa - Surah 36 Ya Sin, 15 August 2020

Part 1: Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl presents the essence of Surah 36: Ya Sin in this new series of Quranic Commentaries. In the introduction, Executive Director Grace Song speaks about her virtual "Coffee and Question" international tour to meet with Usuli Enthusiasts and the latest on the New Quran Project. 

Sixth New Quran Halaqa - Surah 15 al Hijr, 28 August 2020

Part 1: Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl presents the illuminated meaning of Surah 15, Al Hijr, from his lifelong journey with the Quran. This is not the traditional line-by-line approach of Quranic commentaries (tafsir), but an exposition of the unique message of each chapter of the Quran as its own distinct part of a whole.

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