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The Islamic tradition has a wondrous saying that one should seek knowledge, even if it means going to China. Fortunately, The Usuli Institute offers a number of important resources for gaining knowledge that do not require going to China: Reading Recommendations, YouTube videos and podcasts on iTunes and SoundCloud. But if you still want to go to China, then we will need to have a conversation about what is happening to the Uyghur Muslims...! 

The Usuli Institute is proud to present its educational events via livestream when possible, and recorded for viewing online on our YouTube channel or as listed below. Our regular Halaqa (Circle of Learning) sessions cover both pressing issues confronting humanity today, as well as deeper investigations into the Islamic Intellectual tradition, such as Original Qur'anic Commentaries (Tafsir). In our Usuli Institute Conversation Series, we bring guests to discuss specific issues or hot topics. In the Usuli Institute Intros, Executive Director Grace Song and guests share personal stories, reflections and ideas on the importance and impact of the Usuli method on everyday life as a modern Muslim in America seeking the divine path. Our Friday Virtual Jumu'a and Khutbahs offer weekly spiritual and intellectual inspiration and uplift for living as thinking, ethical and engaged Muslims confronting modern-day challenges. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for the most up-to-date notifications of events and new uploads.

Reading Recommendations

Muslims are known as the Civilization of the Book, yet Muslims today don't much like to read. To reclaim our faith, we must reclaim our love for knowledge and reading.


For reading recommendations, we begin with the scholarship of The Usuli Institute Founder, Khaled Abou El Fadl, which can be found at 


For more reading recommendations across the Islamic Studies field, see More:


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Join us in our Usuli Institute educational events and halaqa's (circles of learning). We record and upload all of our events and make them available on The Usuli Institute YouTube channel, or you can find them here. In addition, there are a wealth of videos with Dr. Abou El Fadl giving lectures, classes, khutbahs, and more at the Scholar of the House YouTube channel or at


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