research fellows code of conduct and agreement between teacher and student


In the name of God, the most Merciful and the most Compassionate. God is the all-Knowing.  Knowledge is the essence as well as the attribute of God. To seek knowledge is to venture in the domain of God. Speaking out of ignorance is equated to imputing lies to God.  Knowledge is not a right, but a privilege granted by the mercy of God to those who accept its responsibility.  The key to knowledge is humility.  One must presume ignorance in oneself before every issue confronted.  Arrogance before knowledge is an affront to God’s domain.  The overriding principle for both Teacher and Student is integrity in the service of knowledge and due diligence.


The relationship between Teacher and Student is sacrosanct, and one of mutual trust and respect. This is a contract henceforth before God between the Teacher and Student, undersigned. 


Being fully aware that I am God’s representative and ambassador on this earth, entitled to dignity and bound to give dignity to others, I agree to adhere to the following provisions in my capacity as a Research Fellow seeking knowledge of the Qur’an during the course of the Project Illumine: The Light of the Qur’an program at The Usuli Institute.

  1. I pledge to seek the way to knowledge and seek the enlightenment of knowledge

  2. I pledge not to speak out of ignorance and not to issue advice without reflection and investigation.

  3. I pledge myself to the jihad against the self, ignorance and injustice.  I pledge to seek to understand the command to enjoin the good and forbid the evil and to comprehend the balance [al-Mizan]. 

  4. I pledge to refrain from judgment without diligent investigation and to avoid conceit or argumentation, understanding my duty to seek enlightenment and clarification.

  5. I pledge not to use information obtained during the halaqa for the purpose of instruction without prior certification or authorization from the Teacher mentioned above.

  6. I pledge to be respectful of my fellow students and to exhibit the necessary respect due to knowledge and due to the Teacher mentioned above.

  7. I pledge to attend all the halaqa sessions, to reflect upon the knowledge transmitted, and to digest it in the jihad against the self. I recognize that this is an intensive, multi-layered program that builds on cumulative learning. I must obtain permission from the Teacher in advance of the session if I am for any reason unable to attend the halaqa, and maintain an acceptable level of progress as determined by the Teacher.

  8. Under all circumstances, I pledge to obey God before all else and to carry myself in a dignified and honorable fashion.

It is understood that the failure to comply with the above commitments imposes upon me the obligation to disqualify myself from the halaqa.  Or, alternatively, the Teacher may disqualify me. Further, I understand that in the event of my disqualification, I will be responsible for returning all expenses incurred on my behalf, as the financial support for which my position was created is a trust from God created through the generosity and trust of donors.


In all cases, the Institute will endeavor to support, facilitate and promote learning, growth and development for every individual according to the best principles of mercy, compassion, due diligence and care. May God bless, protect and guide the success of Project Illumine to the most elevated conclusion.

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