Friday Khutbahs (Sermons)

When the House is on Fire, Do We Worry About the Furniture?
Friday Khutbahs (Sermons) · 29. December 2023
I apologize for the delay today. We had technical difficulties. The sad reality is that The Usuli Institute, as usual, is underfunded. If we were not underfunded, we would be able to hire a tech person who could take care of these matters every time they pop up. But what can we do? This is the choice of the Ummah. It is not our choice. When an event is delayed because we cannot get it streaming properly or the sound quality is poor, know that it is not the choice of the people who are involved...
The Moment of Truth is Upon Us
Friday Khutbahs (Sermons) · 22. December 2023
First, may God bless the man with the golden voice, Shayan Parsai, who does the adhan for jumu‘a. It is an adhan that moves, reminds, and awakens for those who understand. With the immense obscenity that we are witnessing today, with the entire world watching the systematic, deliberate, and unrelenting slaughter of a civilian population under the guise of fighting Hamas, we are no longer talking about collateral damage. It is a concept that does not even apply. We are no longer talking about...

Calamity: The Great Moral Criterion
Friday Khutbahs (Sermons) · 15. December 2023
Last week, Shaykh Khaled could not deliver the khutbah because he was busy with the end of the semester. This week, he has been suffering from health challenges and complications, which is quite unfortunate. I would assume that his stress level is very high, especially given the current circumstances that we are witnessing in Palestine. The stress of being a professor, with all that that entails, the challenge of dealing with regular health problems, and the great grief that burdens us all in...
Parable of the Palm Tree: Morality as the Language of Deceit
Friday Khutbahs (Sermons) · 08. December 2023
At the outset, I offer the disclosure that I am only a student, so anything I say should be taken with a grain of salt. These are my own observations and my own understandings; whether they are correct or incorrect, I leave for you and for God to judge. I am only here as I was tasked with making sure that this pulpit does not collect dust for the simple fact that our teacher, Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl, had a prior engagement. Given the exigent circumstances of our children being killed, it was...

Built on Racism: Modern Institutions and the Path to Liberation
Friday Khutbahs (Sermons) · 24. November 2023
In hundreds of hours of khutbahs, I always emphasize that the role we ought to assume in life is the role of sojourners. We are travelers in something that we all know is temporary and full of unanswered and even unanswerable questions. We come to life, we spend time on this earth, and we then leave, certain from the very beginning that we will never truly understand the nature of time itself, we will never understand the nature of consciousness, and we will never understand the meaning of...
Emancipation from "Colonial Islam" and the Uselessness of Muslim Leaders
Friday Khutbahs (Sermons) · 17. November 2023
So many parts of the Qur'an cumulatively convey the same basic message of sacrifice as the essential fuel for transformation and change. Whatever human beings dream of and aspire to, whatever fantasies and hopes come to their minds, God's Sunna, God's very law of nature and creation, is that no change, no emancipation, and no liberation is possible without sacrifice. God reminds us in Surah al-Anfal, for instance, as well as in many other parts: Truly those who believe, and migrate, and strive...

The Biblical Narrative on Wicked People and the Paradox of the West
Friday Khutbahs (Sermons) · 10. November 2023
Throughout the Qur'an, God tells us the stories of exemplary human beings, prophets of God who bear a message to humanity, and the message is always, in its core, the same. It is a message in which the prophets stand as representatives for a relationship between humanity and the Maker of humanity. In example after example, whether we are talking about Adam, Noah, Joseph, Moses, David, or Solomon, the Qur’an portrays the relationship between these prophets and their Lord, setting an example to...
When Goliath Wants to Nuke David and David's Brothers Help Goliath
Friday Khutbahs (Sermons) · 03. November 2023
Of course, the mind, heart, and soul are preoccupied by the continuing slaughter in Palestine. In less than one month, Israel has unleashed upon this limited territory, one nowhere near the size of Japan, perhaps more akin to the territory of Warsaw or Stalingrad during the sieges of World War II, the equivalent of two atomic bombs. The bombs dropped on Gaza by Israel at this point equate to two of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima. It is an astounding figure, especially in light of the...

The Logic of Terrorism and What Can We Do About Palestine
Friday Khutbahs (Sermons) · 27. October 2023
This is now the third jumu’a during which, as we speak, Gaza continues to experience heavy bombing. In the eyes of the world, the lives of 2.4 million Palestinians do not seem to be worth even the most minimum of protections, let alone a condemnation of Israel’s actions. It is not just through the Al Jazeera channel. In this age, we can all see the heartbreaking images coming out of Gaza. We have all seen the grim and terrifying reality where entire residential buildings have been razed to...
The Logic of Total Victory, Israeli Exceptionalism, and Muslims
Friday Khutbahs (Sermons) · 20. October 2023
Of course, there can be no other topic for today’s khutbah than the obscenity of what is unfolding in Gaza, the moral outrage, and the endless stream of images of human suffering. Whether we like it or not, the West has led the modern world and defined the ethics of our modern institutions, for better or worse. For the past few centuries, a small percentage of the world has defined the rules of the game globally. This small percentage, not too long ago, were explicit colonial powers that took...

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