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"The Commercialization of Targeting Muslims and Imprisoning Enlightenment"
Friday Khutbahs (Sermons) · 04. February 2022
Recently, the Brennan Center for Justice at the New York University Law School filed a lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act. Pursuant to this lawsuit, the Brennan Center for Justice obtained information that it, in turn, publicized. Although the information obtained by the Brennan Center, along with the entire incident, was extremely significant; like many things that have to do with Muslims and with Muslim interests, it went virtually unnoticed. The Brennan Center uncovered that an...
"What Happens When Artificial Intelligence (AI) Turns Islamophobic?"
Friday Khutbahs (Sermons) · 08. October 2021
How often has God reminded us repeatedly of the straightforward, uncomplicated demand to spend in the way of God? In fact, God in Surah al-Baqarah says, "Spend in the way of God, and do not cast yourself into ruin," reminding all of us that failure to commit to spending in the way of God is, in fact, casting ourselves into ruin, and is dooming ourselves. But this is not what I want to focus on; I do not want to focus simply on the act of spending in the way of God, but on what we spend on, and...

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