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$10,000.00 - OPENING SURAHS: Adopt One: Al Fatiha, Al Baqarah, Al 'Imran, or Al Nisa' (ALL ADOPTED!! ALHAMDULLILAH!!)
$5,000.00 - PLATINUM LEVEL: Adopt a Long Surah - Surah 5-19
$3,500.00 - GOLD LEVEL: Adopt a Longer Surah - Surah 20-44 
$2,500.00 - SILVER LEVEL: Adopt a Short Surah - Surah 45-77
$1,500.00 - BRONZE LEVEL: Adopt a Surah from the 30th Juz - Surahs 78-114



Surah 1: Al Fatiha

Surah 2: Al Baqarah

Surah 3: Al ‘Imran

Surah 4: Al Nisa’


PLATINUM LEVEL (Surahs 5 - 19)

Surah 5: Al Ma'ida

Surah 6: Al An'am

Surah 7: Al A'raf

Surah 9: Al Tawba

Surah 10: Yunus

Surah 11: Hud

Surah 12: Yusuf

Surah 14: Ibrahim

Surah 16: Al Nahl

Surah 17: Al Isra'

Surah 18: Al Kahf

Surah 19: Maryam


GOLD LEVEL (Surahs 20-44)

Surah 20: Ta Ha

Surah 27: Al Naml

Surah 28: Al Qasas

Surah 30: Al Rum

Surah 36: Ya Sin

Surah 38: Saad

Surah 39: Al Zumar

Surah 42: Al Shura


SILVER LEVEL (Surahs 45 - 77)

Surah 45: Al Jathiya

Surah 54: Al Qamar

Surah 55: Al Rahman

Surah 57: Al Hadid

Surah 67: Al Mulk

Surah 68: Al Qalam

Surah 73: Al Muzzammil


BRONZE LEVEL (30th Juz, Surahs 78 - 114)

Surah 80: Al Abasa

Surah 81: Al Takwir

Surah 83: Al Mutaffifin

Surah 89: Al Fajr

Surah 90: Al Balad

Surah 91: Al Shams

Surah 92: Al Layl

Surah 93: Al Duha

Surah 94: Al Sharh

Surah 95: Al Tin

Surah 96: Al 'Alaq

Surah 97: Al Qadr

Surah 101: Al Qaria

Surah 102: Al Takathur

Surah 103: Al 'Asr

Surah 104: Al Humazah

Surah 105: Al Fil

Surah 109: Al Kafirun

Surah 110: Al Nasr

Surah 112: Al Ikhlas

Surah 113: Al Falaq

Surah 114: Al Nas


*UPDATED 11/30/2021

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