SURVEY! Our First Usuli Annual Conference (In-Person!)

Greetings of Peace (al salamu ‘alaykum) dear Friends! 


Ramadan Mubarak! I pray you are well and wish you a most blessed and rejuvenating holy month! May God help us grow, reflect, and draw closer to the Divine with each passing day!


During Ramadan, so many blessings are multiplied. One of my absolute favorite parts of Ramadan are the Ramadan miracles, big and small! We are currently working on some very important projects for 2024 and beyond! I pray that you will join us in these causes with your support:


     1. Campaign: Saving Rare Islamic Manuscripts

     2. Campaign: Free A Soul from Human Trafficking

     3. More Powerhouse Weekly Virtual Khutbahs

     4. Project Illumine II: Decolonizing the Sirah in the Age of Islamophobia (starting THIS SUMMER insha’Allah!)

     5. Usuli Press -  VOLUME III of The Prophet’s Pulpit: Commentaries on the State of Islam, by Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl

     6. Project Illumine: The Light of the Qur’an - publishing the entire body of work as a published, multi-volume work

     7. Usuli Music - New Album by Wietske Merison coming soon!

     8. More Real Talks

     9. Our first annual in-person Usuli Conference (take part in our survey!)

     10. And much, much more!



I see that what is happening in Gaza is a symbol of what has become of the Muslim world. As Dr. Abou El Fadl pointed out in his last two khutbahs, TWO BILLION MUSLIMS in the world cannot stop a genocide. What does that mean? And now what? What must come next? 


I believe that for our collective future as Muslims in an Islamophobic world order, everything begins and ends with what we uncovered in our three-year journey with the Project Illumine Quranic commentaries. God gave us everything we need, if only we would recognize, engage, and understand. Dr. Abou El Fadl illuminated for us an unprecedented understanding of the Qur’an - steeped in tradition yet fully engaged with the reality of our world in 2024. A truly prescient and brilliant exegesis. The only question is, will we as Muslims, return to God’s words and rise to the challenge? 


I believe it will take great minds and brave souls to come together, to rise above the status quo, and to forge new, uncharted paths. I believe the ethical education, the weighty conversations, and the imagining of the way forward can naturally take place at Usuli. Since our founding in 2017, our work has demonstrated who we are, what we are about, and what we are not afraid to tackle. I hope that you will help support our mission and our ability to continue this important work.


As always, our most heartfelt gratitude for being here with us. Please continue to empower us to do more creative, forward-thinking, and impactful work with your tax-deductible donation here. A monthly donation helps us the most! 


May God empower you always! May you do much good in this most beautiful and blessed month! See you online soon insha’Allah (God willing)!


In Peace and Hope,


The Movement to Reinvigorate Beautiful and Ethical Islam has begun.  Join us.

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