We Plan and God Plans, and A Gift of Thanks

Greetings of Peace (al salamu ‘alaykum) dear Friends! 


I pray you are well and looking forward to Ramadan, just around the corner. It is hard to believe that a year has passed since last Ramadan. So much has happened.


Although it is a bleak time for Muslims around the world, I pray we are all finding our individual ways to protest, resist, and make a difference. At Usuli, I am proud to say that despite pausing our regular programming due to the genocide, we have continued to deliver powerhouse virtual khutbahs, week after week, and now have added to our line up the gifted voices of our next generation: Shayan Parsai and Cherif Abou El Fadl.


Both Shayan and Cherif invested three years of their lives in attending our Project Illumine Qur’anic Commentary (tafsir) halaqas, and the impact is clear. Their insights and perspectives reveal a depth of Qur’anic nuance and understanding that inform their worldview. Their khutbahs are rich with meaning and deep with moral and ethical engagement. Don’t miss Cherif’s khutbah from this past Friday entitled, “Redirecting the Islamic Gaze,” which was deep, moving, and profoundly insightful. The edited transcript of this khutbah is now available (see below).


It has been nearly five months since October 7th changed everything. The genocide brought a clarity like no other to our world. Since then, we have been speaking out boldly as a Muslim organization, offering important education and searing critiques in light of current events. Now more than ever, especially as Muslims are in such a dire situation on so many fronts, we believe that the unique education we are known for must continue on.


So, I am pleased to let you know that we have been planning our path forward and will soon share what I believe is exciting news with regard to the start of the Sirah project and more. We miss our regular gatherings and feel they are a source of connection, education, and light that is much needed in these very dark times. More soon!


In the meantime, I am happy to share the edited transcripts for last month’s incredible khutbahs below (links to the full transcripts included). I am always so amazed and grateful that Usuli content is unparalleled for our time and context. The centrality of Qur’anic ethics is readily apparent and unapologetic. It is defining and sophisticated. Not cringy or off-putting, but rather, intuitive and inspiring if not humbling. I believe it testifies to the power of the Project Illumine tafsir. If you haven’t invested time into engaging Project Illumine, there is no time like the present. 


As always, our heartfelt gratitude for your support. Please continue to empower us to do more creative, forward-thinking, and impactful work with your tax-deductible donation here. A monthly donation helps us the most! 


May God empower you always! See you online soon insha’Allah (God willing)!


In Peace and Hope,



Executive Director



P.S. Have you seen our first TikTok video? Check it out here!  Special thanks to Dalal and Mido. :)



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