Free A Soul from Human Trafficking

Greetings of Peace (al salamu ‘alaykum) dear Friends! 


Happy Friday! Jumu’a Mubarak! 


I pray you are well! Last week, we launched a new program called, “Free A Soul from Human Trafficking,” with the release of the above video on YouTube. Alhamdulillah (Thank God), we have had an incredible outpouring of generosity in support of our efforts. May God bless, elevate and reward all of you who have donated for this most important cause. As Dr. Abou El Fadl explains, in Qur’an 90: 11-13, God tells us that the most important act in removing the obstacle to God’s grace is to free a human being from bondage. In our time, there is no more sinister and oppressive form of bondage than human trafficking. I am proud that we are able to go beyond our learning from Project Illumine Quranic Commentary and put it into practice. Our profound gratitude for those who have joined us in tackling this life-saving cause. 


Last week’s event on The Complicity of Muslim Leadership (Real Talk on Palestine, No. 7) with Professor Nader Hashemi, was incredibly powerful and insightful. The edited version is now available on our YouTube channel to watch and share. Be sure to do both!


Also, we still have some catching up to do on edited khutbah transcripts. Below, you will find Dr. Abou El Fadl’s incisive khutbah entitled, “The Cure to the ‘Cancer’ of Islam” (12 Jan 2024). Still to come, the transcripts for the incredible, “Donkeys Carrying Books, or Just Donkeys?” (26 Jan 2024) and Shayan Parsai’s deep and insightful khutbah entitled, “The Power of Moral Unison: Confronting the Bid'ah of Despotism” (2 Feb 2024).


Once again, our most heartfelt appreciation for your support of our work. We are sending out 2023 tax receipts this week. Please continue to empower us to do more creative, forward-thinking, and impactful work in 2024 with your tax-deductible donation here (especially as our tax dollars in the U.S. continue to fund the genocide in Palestine). May God bless and protect you always! See you online soon insha’Allah (God willing)!


In Peace and Hope,




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