Al salamu 'alaykum (greetings of peace) dear Friends,

After three years, 167 halaqas, 600+ hours of class time, and 112 surahs, we have at last arrived at our FINAL TWO SURAHS on the Project Illumine Quranic Commentary (tafsir) journey! Tonight is the night that we will conclude the ENTIRE QURAN, capping the journey with Surah 112: Al Ikhlas and Surah Al Fatiha, the first chapter of the Qur'an, also known as the Mother of the Book, the Mother of the Qur'an, and the Key to the Qur'an. It will be a very special night and I hope you can join us. We plan to start at 6 pm ET, Live on our Usuli YouTube channel. And as always, the recording will be available after the fact for those who are unable to join us live.

An eternity of Thank You's to everyone who thus far has written to me with heart-stopping letters of gratitude for Shaykh for what he has gifted us in knowledge, insight, and the countless fruits of his solitary labor. I will be sharing some of these letters tonight. There is no deadline. If your heart so desires and you feel inspired to write a letter to Shaykh at any point in the future, please do. We will be so grateful and Shaykh will be immensely touched. 

It is hard for me to wrap my brain around the fact that this journey is concluding. What an incredible journey it has been! But the learning doesn't stop. We will continue to hold regular khutbahs and halaqas as we continue our active fundraising for Project Illumine II: Decolonizing the Sirah in the Age of Islamophobia, A Master Class. I invite you to become a Founding Sponsor (see below) for what promises to be just as special as the tafsir journey, now focused on the traditions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). 

Hope to see you online soon at our momentous FINAL CHAPTERS OF THE QUR'AN halaqa for Project Illumine TONIGHT, SUNDAY, APRIL 30TH at 6 PM ET! May God empower, enlighten, and elevate you in the most blessed ways always! 

In Peace and Hope,

The Movement to Reinvigorate Beautiful and Ethical Islam has begun.  Join us.

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