Dear Friends,

Al salamu 'alaykum (greetings of peace) and Eid Mubarak! May all of your striving and good deeds during this blessed month be accepted by God and rewarded with love, multiplied blessings, and elevated conviction for the coming year until the next Ramadan insha'Allah (God willing)! I pray it was a month full of divine treasures capped with a beautiful Eid!

I am at last headed back home to Ohio in a matter of hours after a blessed month caring for my parents post Covid. So much to reflect upon and so much to be grateful for. Alhamdulillah (thank God), it was a month full of trials and tribulations, yet also openings, tests, and growth, with divine assistance at every turn. What more could one hope for during Ramadan? But I am excited to get back and get ready for our VERY LAST Project Illumine halaqa this coming SUNDAY, 4/30 at 6 pm ET. We will be covering Surah 112: Al Ikhlas and Surah al Fatiha insha'Allah! It promises to be a very special session! :)

There were two fabulous recordings that we shared this week that are truly out of this world. The first was a Q&A with Muslims at the Harvard Divinity School, which tackled critical questions especially for Muslims in Academia. Check it out here: 

Next, the Shaykh shared his immense insights on parenting and raising ethical young Muslims in 2023 in a Q&A entitled, "Parenting with the Wisdom of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)," hosted by the New Horizon School Parents' Association and moderated by the amazing Sarah Aly! It was a powerful and enlightening conversation for anyone who is interested in the state of our youth and instilling confidence, knowledge and conviction among younger generations of Muslims. Check it out here: 

And lastly, as we conclude another Ramadan in our lives and wonder what the coming year will bring, I share with you a picture that is near and dear to my heart, and kept me company as I was away from my family this Ramadan. We could not be together to take the traditional family picture that many families do at Eid, so instead, I share this beloved picture from when we were together last year. From our family to yours, we wish you love, peace, beauty and light always!

Hope to see you online soon at our momentous LAST Project Illumine halaqa on SUNDAY, APRIL 30TH at 6 PM ET! May God inspire, test, enlighten, and love you in the most blessed ways always! Until next Ramadan...!

In Peace and Hope,

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