Surah 93: Al Duha, Part 1

In the introduction to the halaqa on Surah 93, Al Duha, Director Grace Song builds upon her last introduction in which she criticizes a group of Muslim female comedians, and presents her own attempt at a comedic monologue. She also shares a number of humorous real-life stories from her experiences as a convert. 


Part 2: Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl begins his original Quranic commentaries on Surah 93, Al Duha, providing the background to the chapter; detailed insight into the context in which it was revealed; eye-opening reflections on the life and character of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH); and the foundational nature of this chapter for the Islamic message, not just for the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) but for all individuals. Because of the depth and richness of the discussions on this short chapter, Dr. Abou El Fadl only covers the first 3 verses of the chapter, the remainder to be covered in the next halaqa. 

Part 3: In the Q&A portion of the halaqa on Surah 93: Al Duha (first 3 verses), Dr. Abou El Fadl answers some important questions about the Prophet Muhammad and how to get to know him by understanding his dhikr (remembrance of God) and how much of his day was occupied by dhikr. This understanding will help Muslims navigate questions and accusations leveled against the Prophet on his moral character and behavior. Delivered 10 August, 2019.

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