"The Power of Love," ICSC Khutbah

In this month of Shaban, preceding Ramadan, Dr. Abou El Fadl reminds us of the preparations of the Prophet Muhammad for the month of Ramadan. He discusses the deeper meaning of the word "ibadat," often translated as "worship" but which is much more than just ritual worship. He explains what it means to be in a state of ibadat, which goes much farther and deeper than simply the physical acts, but which encompasses love, knowing the other, knowing the Creator, knowing the truth of oneself: pure unadulterated Truth. It is possible to engage in the physical acts of ibadat but still not achieve the fuller meaning of the word, which is to love God. He elaborates on what it means to be in a state of loving God and the power of existing in the state of reciprocal love with God. He calls on Muslims to fulfill their role as the manifestation of Divine love on this earth--to manifest beauty and justice--in the face of the many abominations of God facing Muslims and humanity in our times. Delivered 19 April 2019 at the Islamic Center of Southern California, Los Angeles.


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