Halaqa: The Meaning, Purpose and Effect of Prayer

Part 1: In this special session at The Usuli Institute, Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl explains the form and substance of the ritual prayer of Islam, what is known as the "backbone" of the faith, and discusses the meaning and significance of each of the component parts: the ablution, the standing, the bowing, the prostration, what is recited and much more. He delves into the deeper meaning, power and purpose of prayer, the way that prayer affects the energy of the space in which it occurs (as well as the lack thereof), and the meaning, divine design and effect of prostration. In the introduction, Director Grace Song answers two questions from a previous halaqa on strength, vulnerability and creating goodness. She discusses the power of dignity, and shares personal stories on healing from trauma and sexual abuse, building empathy from pain, and how to build the habit of spreading kindness. Delivered 22 December 2018.

Part 11: Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl answers questions in his halaqa on the meaning and purpose of prayer: prostration as a means of rebellion against injustice and how it relates to Muslim leaders that support or do not oppose oppressive regimes; on praying in the Arabic language; on the necessity of praying extra prayers; on praying less than the 5 daily prayers; on quality over quantity of prayer; and more.

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