Surah 90: Al Balad (End)

Part 1 of 2: Intro and Tafsir. Grace Song begins by giving an update on life after the professor's hearing loss and the pandemic, and the adjustment to a new reality of life. Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl concludes his original Quranic commentary on Surah 90 Al Balad (The City). Part 2 is Q&A.

Part 2: Q&A. Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl answers the following questions:

1. Why did God choose the last Messenger of God to be sent to the Arabs/Arab region?

2. In regards to sabr: what considerations can be made in the case of physical and mental illness? Are people who may be disadvantaged held to the same standard as everyone else? What about others who are more privileged?

3. Sexual relations between slaves and owners were only allowed after marriage?

4. You mentioned the imperative to enjoin compassion beyond national, tribal and ethnic boundaries in order to construct a sense of community. However, how can we achieve this sense of community (ummah) seeing as how our world is constructed politically and ideologically (e.g. certain aspects of liberalism) in a way that makes this difficult, if not impossible?

5. Given the pandemic, some people are worried about fasting during Ramadan if it may affect their immune system.

6. The pandemic is discussed by Muslim scholars in length since as early as the 8th century. Can you talk about what they said?

7. Can you talk about cremation and washing the bodies of the dead during the pandemic?

And much more!

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