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"The Quranic Impulse and The Fallacy of Political Islam"
Friday Khutbahs (Sermons) · 04. June 2021
I would like to return to a basic and, in many ways, rather simple paradigm and idea. This is the idea of the ‘Qur’anic impulse’. I will borrow from the philosophy of the Islamic thinker Malik Bennabi and the ways in which he summarized the basic components of social interaction and existence. Bennabi wrote of three basic facets to human existence. The first is the ‘material’. This refers to the tools, artifacts, and elements of consumption, such as food, water, and minerals, that are...
"Who Invents Our Pharaohs"
Friday Khutbahs (Sermons) · 28. May 2021
The Qur’an mentions specific historical events that involved the prophets of God - between the prophets and the people they are sent to. The Qur’an, time and time again, goes back to these same narratives: The people of Pharoah, the people of Hud, the people of Thamud, and so on. Time and time again, God mentions the same people, although the structure of the narrative is very basic: an invitation, a truth denied, and consequences to the truth denied. Why does God keep referring to the same...

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