Virtual Khutbahs

Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl delivers a virtual Friday weekly address (khutbah) and congregational prayer (jumu'a)

via Facebook livestream beginning at 1:15 pm Los Angeles time. 

In response to the increased alienation that Muslims, particularly women and converts, experience at their local mosque due to the lack of inspiring, spiritual uplifting and intellectually stimulating khutbahs, The Usuli Institute offers this ALTERNATIVE virtual khutbah and jumu'a for those who cannot or would not attend jumu'a otherwise. Please join us online every Friday at 1:15 PM Pacific Time for the Facebook livestream ( You do not need to have a Facebook account to watch.


If you are in our time zone (ie. it is Zuhr where you are when we are livestreaming), this can count as your jumu'a prayer. If you are in a different time zone, it can be sunnah prayer. Gather your friends to listen and pray with you. This will allow those who have been alienated from the mosque to create alternate spaces for Friday prayer, with Dr. Abou El Fadl as your virtual khatib. Or, watch the recording afterwards for a weekly intellectual and spiritual invigoration.


Is this Islamically permissible? Watch the First Virtual khutbah to hear Dr. Abou El Fadl explain the purpose, history, meaning and juristic opinions about virtual congregational prayer. Listen to why he has resisted offering such a virtual khutbah until now, and why he has come to the conclusion that our current circumstance as Muslims warrants such alternatives. 


On Logic, Justice and Obeying Unjust Rulers, 5 July 2019

Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl begins by reminding that Islam is a theology of logic and common sense, and describes what it means when God tells us that God is with us, but that there are rules--like the laws of nature, the laws of gravity or the laws of causation--as to what God will and will not bless or partake in when it comes to human actions. He reminds of what actions would cause a severance from the divine. Returning to the foundations of the faith from the time of the Prophet, he reminds that Islam was created on a foundation of justice, which is at the heart and core of belief. He explains why Islam is the only faith that makes philosophical sense, and is the only religion that is consistent with the theoretical principles of justice. He emphasizes the Prophet Muhammad's demand upon his companions to always speak the truth and not remain silent in the face of injustice; and compares this to modern day demands of leaders of Muslim countries upon Muslims to remain silent before injustice. He elaborates on why Muslims today have become confused and blinded to the light of justice to the point that injustices no longer evoke any meaningful response from Muslims; and why God will not bless or partake in the failure to stand for justice. He points out that the silver lining in the rise of Islamophobia is that it is easy to identify those on the righteous path--those Islamic scholars and activists whom the Islamophobes target and attack most viciously. Conversely, those Islamic scholars and activists whom are praised by Islamophobes, or at a minimum, not attacked or mentioned are those to avoid. He reminds us that law is for lawyers and jurists, but that the core of Islam--the core of justice, beauty, and mercy--can be accessed through the power of reason and truth, and ultimately we will all stand before God in the Hereafter to answer for our own actions. Delivered 5 July 2019.

On Witnessing, and Closing the ICSC Chapter, 28 June 2019

Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl begins by reminding us what it means to be called by God to be a witness--to be one who tells the truth--on behalf of God, and the heavy burden of the duty of testifying to the truth, both in terms of being a bearer of good news and also of bringing warning. He speaks of the latest news of Jared Kushner's Deal of the Century to bribe Palestinians with money that comes from Saudi, and the direct analogies to colonialism and the White Man's Burden. He calls upon Muslims in free Western countries to live up to their heavy responsibility to testify. Finally, he closes the chapter on the ICSC banning incident, addressing feedback from last week's khutbah and elaborates on the ICSC incident as a matter of principle, and as a failed hope. Delivered on 28 June 2019.



In this incisive and explosive khutbah, Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl indicts the leadership of the Islamic Center of Southern California (ICSC) in their decision to censor and ban him from delivering the khutbah at the ICSC today after he requested that they perform janaza prayers for President Muhammad Morsi, the slain democratically elected leader of Egypt. He shares the exchanges that led to his ban, and then elaborates on why their decision was not only wrong, but immoral and unethical. Further, he illustrates how this act of censoring, the refusal to stand up for justice, and the justification for such immoral behavior mirrors the authoritarianism and despotism rampant in Muslim countries around the world. He calls Muslims to their conscience by recalling several powerful traditions of the Prophet that emphasize the imperative of standing for justice, lest people become "mute devils" and cursed by God as they refuse to take a stand against injustice. A must watch, and a stunning wake up call to Muslims to choose which side of justice they will stand for. Delivered at The Usuli Institute, Los Angeles, CA, 21 June 2019.



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